Embracing our humanity


"Once upon a time … there was a curious, passionate man who had a great love of story, song and dance who wanted to help others to unearth their gifts and share their humanity ..."

That man is ME…. Noel Watkins

I’m an educator, creative practitioner and catalyst for change.

My particular passion revolves around human potential and how we support our children in realising their innate potentials as human beings and create organisational structures which are genuinely nurturing, stimulating and humane.

There are three main strands to my work; storytelling, biodanza and affective (life centred) education.

All of these strands are uniquely different, but each is a pathway to a better understanding and expression of what it means to be human.

For me the “human journey” is about Integration; it is about finding that essential balance of INSTINCT, EMOTION and INTELLECT. In balancing these aspects of ourselves we can learn how to be at peace with ourselves, how to create honest, authentic relationships with others and to value our precious planet .

Please read on to find out about how you or your organisation might benefit from my skills as a storyteller, biodanza facilitator and educational speaker and consultant.

Storytelling connects us deeply with what it is to be human. An art form as old as language itself, storytelling is both an intimate, yet social experience.

Stories open a world of imagination to the listener acting as a bridge to past generations and unfamiliar cultures.
They help us to better understand ourselves and others as we laugh at, empathize with, and learn from the choices, challenges and behaviour of the characters portrayed within the tales.
Noel has a wealth of experience as a storyteller. He has engaged and delighted a plethora of audiences in all manner of locations.
Through his storytelling he supports children in “finding their voice” and helps them develop their literacy through related speaking and listening, reading and writing activities.

Biodanza is a joyful, heartfelt system of dance based human integration which connects us with LIFE.

It helps us access the power of NOW through dance and other movement practices, an eclectic range of great music and the support of the group.

Over time biodanza helps us unearth the deepest and most authentic expression of who we are. This self- knowledge grows through genuine feedback from trusted peers and nature.

Biodanza is based on a deep theoretical model about the nature of LIFE developed by the Nobel nominated psychologist, educator and poet Rolando Toro Arenada.

Noel leads weekly and monthly biodanza classes and events in West Yorkshire, York, Nottingham, Lincoln and North East England

Noel has long felt that there is an overemphasis on early academic achievement and that the current UK system undervalues children’s key social and emotional learning.

Noel has worked in mainstream Primary education for nearly 30 years.

Like Values based education (VbE) and Biocentric education (BE) he argues the educative process must focus more on relationships and the development of core values which reflect the very best human ideals. Affective education is concerned with the beliefs, feelings and attitudes of students.

He is currently undertaking an Education MA at Leeds Beckett university during which he will further research life centred/wholistic and affective approaches to Primary Education.